February 27 2020 eclipse horoscope

The Moon is in Pisces today, activating the sector of your chart that rules worldly success! But expect some drama in your social life, Gemini.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020

People are in a confrontational and over-the-top mood. The Moon is in fellow Water sign Pisces for most of today, inspiring you to try new things and go to unusual places. Watch out for a delay or difficulty in your commute early this evening. Your focus will shift to your professional goals and popularity later tonight.

You're in a deep and sensitive mood today, Leo. The last few days have been majorly transformative, and now you're exhausted. Having fun will feel like a drag early this evening, but when the Moon enters fellow Fire sign Aries later tonight, you'll get your energy back.

The Eclipse Cycle of Cancer and Capricorn 2019 2020, By Tanaaz

The Moon is in Pisces for most of today, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart. Things are very intense today, and finding a good balance between what you have to offer and what others have to give you is important. Today's energy is best used for getting shit done, Libra. You love to be lazy, but today is not the day. This evening brings some fire to your relationships thanks to the Moon entering feisty Aries. The Moon is in fellow Water sign Pisces today, sending you flirty vibes and creative inspiration! But don't get too carried away—you'll get in big trouble today if you ignore your responsibilities.

You're in a private mood today, Sagittarius, which makes sense because you've just made some big decisions or changes involving your home life or your family. August 21, Partial. March 6, Saros February 3, Saros January 3, Saros December 2, Saros November 1, Saros October 2, Saros August 31, Saros July 31, Saros June 30, Saros May 31, Saros April 29, Saros March 29, Saros February 27, Saros January 26, Saros December 26, Saros November 24, Saros October 24, Saros September 23, Saros July 22, But no lie.

These weeks are going to be intense. The weekend of February 17 holds a Mars-Neptune square.

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This could be a great weekend. Just enjoy. On the twenty-third, a quarter moon in Gemini in aspect to Saturn inspires you to take a risk. All month, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn crank up the responsibility, but no pain, no gain.

Moon Tracks Astrology Calendars

This is a very powerful month. Take advantage of it. Want to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your horoscope! You have enough on your plate. On the eigth, the moon conjoins Mercury in fiery Sagittarius.

Eclipse dates/degrees – signs – | Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

Expect action. You need to nail down what you want and go for it. Everything will become clear in time. The new moon and solar eclipse on February 15 urge you to hang back and let others lead the rest of the month. Your time to shine is coming. Standout Days: 4, 14, 28 Challenging Days: 1, On the tenth, when Venus enters Pisces, your romantic life could receive a boost.

You need to be proactive, though. This month, for you, is about deepening friendships and commitments. You may not have realized just how much you missed socializing. For example, maybe a new friend has a lead on a new job or a coworker has a person to introduce you to for a potential relationship.

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In other words, stop sticking people into categories. This month is all about mixing things and people up. Making time for fun is not a luxury or indulgence. Standout Days: 5, 16, 21 Challenging Days: 3, Your work may be sliding, and you may need to get things back on track before the new moon of the fifteenth. It can be hard to reign in pleasure.