Capricorn weekly 24 to 1 tarot reading february 2020

New energy is coming into your love life that will impact both single and taken individuals. Incoming future success with your career and finances can be quite rewarding as well. Read on to find out what awaits you this thrilling birthday year! It is a great birthday year for welcoming new people and fresh energy into your life.

Anticipate new people coming into your social circle in the coming months that will be sticking around for possibly years to come. It is likely that you may have some romantic chemistry with at least one of these new connections. How far things go will be completely up to you, as you consider making some changes to your love life. Fresh starts are encouraged, as a New Moon in Taurus near your birthday helps you to have clarity in deciding upon your relationship goals for at least the next six months.

As the we get through mid, you may be looking to go a more serious direction with your romantic interest.