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To lead a balanced life you need sometimes to be able to stop thinking and doing and just be; one of the most effective ways to calm your mind is to get in touch with nature. People born on March 23 Zodiac are fascinated by everyone and everything. They are driven by a desire to learn not just how and why things work, but also what makes people tick. To this end they tend to draw toward them as many people as will feed their insatiable curiosity. When these people learn that a good mind and education are the keys to success, their intelligence and versatility can take them to the top of their chosen field.

They have great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of others, yet can sometimes be lacking in empathy. Often too emotionally detached to be fired up by compassion for others, they tend to rely on encyclopedic knowledge, rather than personal experience.

Their Birth Month Flower Is Cheery And Bright

Even though they have the ability to make friends easily and are often surrounded by fellow debaters, they do run the risk of becoming observers rather than participators. Hmm, yes, I was also March 22nd born, and this is not "exactly" me either. I do extol the benefits of compromise, and do not believe myself always right. A lot, but not always.

I'll be the last to admit it! But one issue I do face in this incarnation is ostracization. Never feeling like I actually was invited to this world, like I was born backwards, or on some other planet, and they just plum don't like my kind here!

Candles inspired by the stars

I met one other March 22nd, and he had the same thing, but he tried hard to fit in and forget himself. That's sad.

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  7. That's sadder than isolation. But since there are other factors to consider, such as ascendent cancer , moon capricorn , venus and mercury both in pisces , and mars aries , there are multitudes of combinations not to mention life experiences which would make it very rare that even those who share the same birthday would be similar.

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    Ok, this is kool. Not sure if its quite "ME" yet but maybe someone can help and give me insight into this! I was born on March 22, Ive only met two other ppl with my exact bday and one is similar to me the other Im not too sure of. Most ppl have bdays on the 21st or 23rd, I feel as though mine is rare.

    Also, Ive read astrology books, it told me I could be pisces-aries or aries-taurus. I need help from an expert on astrology! Do you work with a multi-tasking Gemini whiz or a meticulous Virgo with an eye for detail? Either way, it's time to say thanks for all they do! Astrology is a great tool for understanding, managing and celebrating your most valuable employees. Venus, the planet of love, acceptance, pleasure and the arts, moved into serious Capricorn on November 25, Venus in Capricorn is an interesting combination of soft and hard. All human beings are subject to karmic law, but we don't have to be imprisoned by it.

    Many people think of themselves as victims of bad karma, powerless to change it.

    Which Zodiac Sign Are You When You're Born On The Cusp?

    Not true. No matter what kind of karma you've brought to this lifetime, you can change it. Autumn is a gorgeous season to be outdoors -- the trees are decked out in their gold-and-russet finery, and there's still enough Sun to ward off the chill. So, tear yourself and your loved ones away from the all-consuming black hole of electronic devices, and pay a fun visit to Mother Nature. Where to go? However, you may be in denial about everything you know since Libras want to think the best of others.

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    If your birthday is on the Scorpio side, you're more of an idealist than a typical Scorpio, a sign that is more skeptical of others. You feel things on an incredibly deep level but also have the ability to look on the bright side. If your birthday is on the Scorpio side, your dark moods are relieved somewhat with an ability to remain optimistic about the future, or at least to keep a sense of humor about it.

    If your birthday falls on the Sagittarius side, you appear to others as having a bright outlook on the world. But deep down, you have an emotional understanding of what is really up with people. You know it's not all sunshine and roses out there. If your birthday is on the Sagittarius side, your impulsive need for freedom gets reigned in by a natural practicality and desire for a stable and responsible life.

    If you were born on the Capricorn side, you're more likely to decide to go after a career that'll provide you with a solid financial future and the opportunity to make the world a better place.

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    8. Instead of just wanting to fit in in an orthodox way, by say, climbing to the top of a corporate ladder, you're likely to want to stand out in a unique way. If you were born on the Aquarius side, you take everything a little more seriously than the typical Aquarius, a sign that usually has the ability to remain more detached. You feel an innate sense of responsibility in life, and you take your responsibilities seriously.

      If your birthday is on the Aquarius side, you are more likely to have a hard time distinguishing your own thoughts from your daydreams, as the two are likely to be fused together. If your birthday falls on the Pisces side, you're able to visualize your dreams and intuitions more sharply and see your goals more clearly.