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Type keyword s to search. By Colin Bedell. Prosperity in education and travel. Strive for career and discipline. Prosperity in intimacy and transformation. Strive for self-improvement and education. Prosperity in romance and partnerships. Strive for intimacy and desire.

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Prosperity in health and work. Strive for love and commitment. Prosperity in confidence and creativity. Strive for mental health and nutrition. Prosperity in home and emotionality. Strive for joy and worthiness. Prosperity in positive thinking and socialization. Strive for emotional safety and family. Prosperity in finances and security. Strive for communication and critical thinking. Prosperity in identity and worthiness. Strive for financial security and values. Prosperity in spirituality and closure.

Strive for personal growth and authenticity. Prosperity in friendships and community.

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Strive for spirituality and surrender. Prosperity in career and responsibilities. Strive for activism and friendship. More From Astrology. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Select your star sign and go to your custom horoscope page with weekly, monthly and annual readings, and articles.

There is intense retroactive weather in the sky right now as we have a total of five planets going backwards — Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Entertainment SP www.

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Your psychic email reading aims to answer specific questions as well as giving you a general overview of what is going on around you empowering you to follow your own wisdom and intuition. SP: www. Students, study well; there is nothing to fear but fear itself!

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Keep this thought in mind and answer your exam questions to the best of your ability. A good and profitable week sees some of you making handsome profits on investments made in the stock market. Sometime in the mid of the week, however, there could be some bad news on this front. To minimize the losses, take help from the experts. Take important financial decisions properly and rest assured that you would face no financial loss. Although you will not face too many concerns regarding your health this week you still need to be careful with regards to your diet especially.

Your mood will mostly be good for most of the week and you will feel positive.

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Elderly people need to take care of their medication. They should take all medicines at the proper time to avoid complications.

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Everyone should avoid stress as much as possible this week to avoid mental distress. The important thing to remember is that life requires balance. You can sequester your life into segments and each segment will require your care and nurturing to flourish. Try to look at each piece and create some cohesion. Whilst you are physically strong, you may feel mentally weak at the start of this month. On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra, you may lack the confidence and decisiveness to make major decisions, and as such, you should hold off for the time being.

With Mercury in Libra, you will see developments at work and this should be a source of comfort to you. If you are a performer, you will startle people with your beautiful work. On the 23rd, Mercury moves into Scorpio which generates a profound restlessness which can be hard to quench. With Venus in Libra, you should prioritise your health and well-being first, much like putting on your seatbelt before assisting others.

Mars in Virgo suggests a smooth ride and harmony. Falling in love would change your life forever. At last you would have found someone you would want to spend every waking hour with! To enjoy the company of your newly found beloved plan a short but pleasurable trip. This would give you the opportunity to know each other better.

Teenagers hold on a bit longer and love will come calling. Patience is the name of the game for you.

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You are likely to encounter a person who will lift your spirit completely. Their company will enable you to enjoy the wonderful feeling of first love and get a first-hand experience of what love is all about. Besides bringing happiness, it will also give you a lifelong treasure that you can always cherish. Further it will also develop positive feelings in you. You are likely to enjoy a special feeling of love as the month progresses. Enjoy the time spent together with your partner and try to understand each other better. The time is just perfect for those trying to take their relationship to the next level.

If you are planning to get married, go ahead, this is just the right time to plan for your future life together.