Astrology february 5 eclipse

This is something very important because Uranus becomes the sixth consecutive planet that turns retrograde adding to the retro feeling of this summer. With Uranus retrograde we have to look at things from a fresh perspective and re-define our personal truths.

To embrace the new we have first to understand what holds us back whether this be a person, a job or ideas that no longer serve us. Uranus retrograde process to shape our personal truth works very well with Neptune being retrograde also, because Neptune retrograde helps us to see with clarity and without idealizations. BUT in order to do so we have to first get rid of our personal delusions.

AQUARIUS February 2017 Horoscope. ECLIPSE Brings FATED RELATIONSHIP Developments!

Saturn is also retrograde and we need to redefine our limits and to learn well the evolutionary or karmic lessons that it poses. Pluto continues to be retrograde and the excavation of our soul is well underway. Delays and frustration, anger management and redefining of actions is needed. Mercury is retrograde since the previous eclipse in Aquarius and is also a key player in this eclipse since it is conjunct the two lights.

How to form our personal truth and understand our best course of action when Mercury complicates things? How will to reach to conclusions and make decisions or find solutions within this slow-moving bog of retrograde energy? We astrologers see the big picture and understand the cycles. Uranus has a major role in this summer eclipses, being in a square with Mars and making a 3 degree orb T-square with all the three eclipses Nodal Axis.

Eclipses: Tables

January the 6 th ,. It is then, that this cycle of awakening will come to fruition with ideas, insights, liberating energy and manifestation of truth. Additionally important to the fact that Uranus turns direct on the same day with the next eclipse, is the fact that the planet will once more tightly square the Nodal Axis of both of the winter eclipses.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

It is as if these summer eclipses prepare us. They give us lessons and demand us to work with the retrograde planets so as we can be ready for the real changes Uranus that are about to come. That is why this Solar Eclipse in Leo is pivotal.


Because it plays out as the last dress rehearsal with all of us the actors absorbing the script to its last detail prior to coming forth on the scene. A trine aspect reaches its precision with this eclipse. This is the most helpful of all the aspects, since it allows us to manage the changes and the sudden events that resulted from the eclipses, in a responsible manner.

A second trine aspect reaches its precision with this eclipse. Jupiter in Scorpio is trine to Neptune in Pisces, an aspect that gradually comes to a very close precision with this last eclipse, culminating on August the 19 th.

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This is a most benevolent aspect. A divide gift of hope and compassion. This is the last eclipse of this long, hot summer and demands introspective work and re-evaluation to all areas pertaining to the retrograde planets. In the short-term, the Solar Eclipse in Leo of the 11 th of August is slowly but firmly pushing us out of the bog and slowly builds on hope and a positive vision. More importantly, it is a critical eclipse. It has a long-term effect and it prepares and grounds us for the shifting changes of the winter eclipses that hold a Uranian promise.

I wish you all ,to enjoy the last days of the summer drenched in Sun,. Unexpected events and new turning points are about to come to the table. Events will be happening and new discoveries will take place.

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  4. Eclipses get us more in touch with new directions we need to take AND old ones we need to say good-bye to. Get ready for a new roller-coaster ride to begin. Welcome to February—one of the most intense months of the year!

    Solar eclipse of February 5, - Wikipedia

    Get in the know at one of the most important times of the year — eclipse season! On the positive, these combinations can make us feel busy, optimistic and ready to tackle big things. Given that there are overly optimistic tendencies in play — keep an open eye on missing important details. On February 3rd , Venus, the planet of relationships and money will enter the sign of Aries which is not her best placement.

    Venus will be retrograding in this sign along with Pisces beginning in March. The biggest news of the week will have to do with Jupiter. While l uck will take a bit of a turn over the next several months, some of us might be able to catch a few extra lucky pops in the process. The week kicks off with Mercury switching gears and entering Aquarius on February 7th.

    While this turn is important, the really big news has to do with an opportunistic Full Moon Eclipse. An important turning point takes place here and fate comes into play with The Finger of God Combination being highlighted. The week will round up on an abundant note with the Sun making a favorable trine to Jupiter on February 11th. This is definitely my favorite week of the month! Everyone will be talking about the day of love this week!

    Some will give into the hype while others could care less.

    Vedic Astrology for February 1-15: How to Handle Heavy Emotions & Inner Conflict.

    On the positive, the Moon will be swimming through Libra — the sign that likes to have a partner and mingle. The complicated part is that Venus will be immersed in her warrior Aries gear. On February 18th , the Sun will make his official entrance into the last sign of the zodiac Pisces. On the positive Pisces can create a magical romantic vibe — while on the negative it can drift some of us off into the sea.

    Gear up for one of the most impactful weeks of Intensity is an understatement with this combination! Communications-driven Mercury moves into Pisces on February 25th making things seem a little foggier than usual. The grand finale takes place at the end of the week. New beginnings are in motion but there are some very intense energies that come along for the ride. This is an important eclipse closing out a series of eclipses in Pisces that have been in play over the last few years. A major turning point is in play as a result.

    The month closes out on an eventful note. The energy of the Solar Eclipse will still be around as we close things out. On February 27thth , action driven Mars will conjunct Uranus and then oppose Jupiter creating some major sparks.