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Change your eating habits to include more organic foods and veggies. Your birthdate assigns you notoriety. You work hard and usually have a checklist for your course of action. Take care of yourself. People born on this date sometimes struggle to make friends due to a natural shyness they hide.

Capricorn Decans

Insecurity and a fear of abandonment can create problems in relationships. To feel loved and appreciated, they must learn to trust their mate. Once this has been accomplished, they are likely to lose other insecurities. The attitude problems of some January 12 individuals are likely to be the result of their upbringing. They may have been raised in a critical atmosphere. Parenthood lets them tap into a different area of their psyche, promising positive emotional growth. January 12 people seek the limelight, looking for validation.

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Sensible money-handling can be challenging for them. Since they often equate success with the amount of money they earn, they feel good about themselves by spending the money they make. Credit debt can be a problem. While those born on this date generally have a strong constitution, they may be prone to injuries and ailments. Taking chances gives them a feeling of power. Getting rid of bad health habits can be a challenge.

More fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamins, can work wonders.