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These hands have fingers that are shorter than the square or rectangle created by the palm. Most fire hands are either flushed or pink in skin color. As their name suggests, people with fire hands are extremely kinetic. This can make fire hands a little intolerant, but this is a reflection of their unique and individual thoughts, feelings and temperaments.

Some hands include additional lines , but these three, plus the fate line, are the ones that you should examine first. Most palmists look at this line to get a strong insight into your emotional side to understand how you have acted and how you will continue to act throughout your lifetime. You can determine more specific information with a closer look at the placement and the shape of this all-important line.

It begins from the edge of the palm between the forefinger and the thumb, and it extends across the palm between the love line and the life line.

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In addition, it affects the memory and the self-control of the person. Practical individuals typically have a straight head line while more creative and spontaneous people feature a curved line. A thin and deeply cut head line indicates intelligence and strong thinking skills, but there are many other possibilities of length and appearance for this line.

However, the lengths and shapes of this line are very important to its meaning. Bracelet lines, located at the base of your wrist , reveal your general health state. If they are solid and unbroken it means that the person in question has a good chance for a long, prosperous and healthy life. If, however, you happen to find more breaks, chains or gaps, it means you could have some problems with your physical wellbeing.

The size of the mounts has some effect on the different aspects of the personality. A well-developed mount under the index finger indicates a dominant, perhaps aggressive, personality that may veer from ambitious into being self-centered.

Palm Reading: Indicators of Love in Palmistry

An impressive Saturn mount appears on a stubborn but sincere person who is independent and patient. However, a low mount in this location means an innate disorganization and superficiality that can lead to depression. This is quick, easy, and painless. Our experienced palm readers have delivered thousands of palm reading over the years, both online and in their private practices. By uploading your palm, you will be connected with one of these professional palm readers.

As soon as we receive your payment, the image of your palm will be assigned to one of our highly experienced and qualified palm readers.

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They will begin working on your reading immediately. Your palm reader will begin by thoroughly and meticulously analyzing the image of your palm and then type up their detailed analysis, exploring the specific topics you have requested. Your Name required. Your Email required.

Palm Reading: Indicators of Love in Palmistry

Your Message. Looking for a detailed Palm Reading? Shop now. Select options. In mere minutes you can submit an image of your palm, choose the type of reading you want, and submit your order.

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Our palm readers will take over from there. With keen attention to details and a considerable amount of words dedicated to each topic, you are sure to receive the information you seek in your reading. Trained all over the world, our team of experienced palm readers are well qualified in the art of palmistry and have delivered thousands of accurate palm readings. He notes the following:. Also known as the wisdom line , the head line provides insight into intellectual and psychological traits.

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  • Faulkner uses the head line as one of his more accurate predictors of personal traits. He notes:. Faulkner also reads the life line. He cautions about the life line, "It doesn't tell you how long you will live. You can't tell somebody how something will happen in the future, because the future is fluid. Other things the life line may indicate include:.

    According to Faulkner, the remaining lines are secondary and tend to be less predictive and accurate than other lines. However, he offers the following.

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    The fate line, or destiny line, shows the direction life is taking. It shows career and character and mirrors your life. For example, if it starts at the heel of your hand, it indicates you had a good sense of yourself at an early age. The marriage line, or lines of affection, shows your approach to relationships. Faulkner notes, "The only thing that's really accurate is if one wraps around your little finger and cuts it off from the hand, it indicates you may shy away from relationships or be sexually inhibited.

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    If the line is long and goes straight across, it indicates a person who knows what they want in a mate and is willing to search to find that person. Faulkner doesn't really discuss the money line, but according to Chinese Palmistry , money lines indicate how good you are with finances and abundance.

    Many clear lines suggest you are good with money and investing, waved lines suggest financial instability, and intermittent lines show poor abundance or lack of prosperity. The sun line, or Apollo line, is another Faulkner considers secondary.