Virgo dark side astrology

However, they often see, imagine, and obsessively worry about the worst.

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Terrifying Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand

A Virgo's penchant for worrying obsessively about being perfect is the source of almost all of their darker traits. All Virgos are detailed, precise, believe everything they do should be done exactingly right, and have high standards for themselves. They have a keen eye for flaws and notice the imperfections in everything they do. Taken to the extreme, they can become neurotic perfectionists who are irrationally fearful of doing anything that's not perfect. They may spend an inordinate amount of time redoing things, make critical self-evaluations, and worry excessively about the evaluations of others.

A Virgo can be a neat freak who has irrational fears of untidiness and disorder and obsessively worries if everything is not clean and in perfect order. They'll develop ritualized habits and routines they can't deviate from and spend a great deal of time repeatedly organizing, washing, cleaning, and disinfecting everything. Virgos are hardworking and extremely practical, so saving money comes naturally to them. However, they're also naturally insecure, tend to look at worst-case scenarios, and worry excessively about what the future holds.

So, if a little money in the bank or for emergencies is good, a lot is better should they have something catastrophic happen. This fear of a less than perfect future can lead them to having accounts at several banks, investing in gold and silver coins, hiding cash around their homes, perhaps burying it in their yard, and to becoming miserly to the extreme.

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Virgos often have low self-esteem and due to their high standards are constantly focused on making themselves better, sometimes to their own detriment. They may see only their personal flaws and failures, turn their need for perfection onto their body, and develop a warped body image.

Some Famous Virgoeans That Share Your Sign!

One perceived flaw, such as a big nose or a few extra pounds, can be all they see in the mirror. This negative body image can lead to falling prey to eating disorders or even a compulsion for cosmetic surgery. Virgos are health and germ conscious. However, in worrying excessively about their health, some become germ phobic and have such an irrational fear of getting sick they avoid public places. Benedict Arnold was an early American hero of the Revolutionary War who later became one of the most infamous traitors in U. Racism, classism, sexism and all the negative connotated isms are Capricorn philosophically derived ideologies that have literally ruined the world!

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, and Saturn rules systems and systems are killing off millions of people and disenfranchising nations all in the name of colonialism and capitalism. Capricorns, if awakened and conscious can help change the world in a positive way.

Virgo Traits

However, it is their obsession with power that they need to overcome to meet their salvation. Extreme Opportunist: Capricorns are high paid whores. They will sleep with you for money for the right price or the right promotion. Capricorns are stuck in the past. They are NOT progressive people. They only wish to maintain the laws, rules, and cultures of the past to ensure humanity does not evolve into something better. They will sell their bodies, their soul and even their children for fame, fortune, stardom, and power.

Capricorns always go too far for success. They go too far to achieve wealth and status. They need power like they need water and oxygen and that is the epitome of everything a narcissist is! They follow rules and laws and systems without questioning whether the rules, laws and systems are even humane! Capricorns are loyal, but they are loyal to the wrong things!

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They are loyal to power! They are aloof until money or power is involved then all of a sudden you have their full and undivided attention. They lack empathy like most narcissist and they never feel sorry for anyone, not even themselves. Capricorns beat themselves up behind closed doors and they typically suffer from low self-esteem. They will kill you if it advances their career.

The president of North Korea killed his own brother to earn his current title. Talking about heartless and scandalous! He also launches test missiles as a cherished hobby. Capricorns show their love by buying you things and taking you to expensive places. They rarely compliment you, unless they can get something out of it. Shape shifters: they are fake and will mirror you, act like they have the same interest and hobbies just to carry on an agenda to get something from you.

Capricorns are boring!

Dark Sided Men of the Zodiac: The Virgo Man In Relationships

Hanging out with them is like watching paint dry! Unless they are doing something that really interests them! Of course, when that happens, they are so involved in the activity they forget you are there. American Billionaire Howard Hughes was a Proud born, tirelessly ambitious American billionaire who was once kicked out of a hotel in Vegas, and as a response in true Capricorn fashion, he bought the hotel just to prove to them:.

Capricorns are intuitive: They know how to sniff out fear and weakness within you and use it to exploit you for anything you have that can benefit them. Cold as a corpse: Capricorns are cold people, born in the dead of winter, they have no feelings! They are also as rigid as a skeleton.

Capricorns are Corrupt: J.

Edgar Hoover, a sadistic and evil Capricorn, was the first FBI Director was the most corrupt federal agent ever, killings thousands, framing many and setting up systems and traps of racism, harassment and mockery of African Americans including the Civil Rights Movement and the black panther party. There is but one way out for you.

You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation. Capricorns invented scandals. He was the first and only president to Resign as president after he was exposed for manipulative and cunning conspiracies. Slaves to Lust.

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Like most narcissist, all Capricorns are slaves to lust. If a Capricorn is breathing, they are cheating on you. They are skilled cheaters who come home every night but somehow manage with their excellent time management skills to sneak in an affair during a 15 minute break at work. However, they always do eventually! Actor, comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey ex-wife is suing him for murdering her soul… because he probably did. Most narcissists take every virtue from you and suck you dry, leaving you on the side of the road to die!

Proceed with caution and understand if you plan on dating, getting into a business deal or starting a friendship with any of the above Zodiac signs, you are out of your Goddamn mind. I am so excited to dive into the earthy Virgo energy that will set off this weekend. It will tie dreams and work together and if you set your intentions clearly, this is the time we can start the process of dreams really coming into fruition! The Eclipse in Pisces in late February gave off an energy that made us pump the breaks in several situations within our lives.

Projects we were passionate about came to a halt and the Pisces energy inspired us to go over what we have done so far and reflect on it in a spiritual way. The energy of the prior few weeks was restful yet stagnant. We may have felt frustrated that things suddenly were not moving as fast as we would hope they would. The Pisces eclipse made us take a back seat and reflect, but the Full Moon in Virgo is about to shake us into action propelled by spiritual passion and connection. Yes, I said it!

Languish in this energy and surrender to its pull. This full moon in Virgo will demand that you look at every situation realistically, not just spiritually. Which is the complete opposite energy of the Eclipse in Pisces a few weeks ago.