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The two signs are very compatible. You may have to be the one to start the conversation or make the first move. I am Cancer and was married to a Taurus for 34 yrs. He passed 3 years ago. Water and Earth are a sort of cozy combo, you have to be careful not to get in a rut.

You and Your Opposite Zodiac Sign!! (Relationships) - ZODIAC TALK

You can do a composite, what sign is in the middle of your two signs, and that's the sign of your relationship. That can give you clues. We were Gemini together, and traveled a lot. I'm so glad we did, since we can no longer do that. I'm an earth sign,my ex is a water sign Those are two signs that go together well. Pisces is a water sign, and Taurus is an Earth sign. Earth needs Water or it would dry up, and Water needs Earth or it would have no path. This is a good combination.

Good Luck! Hi Faraz, Those are opposite signs. You are practical and a little critical. She is creative and dreamy. You both want the same things in life. It's hard to be with your opposite sign, but if you communicate and can work it out, she will be the love of your life.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both!

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I notice he does care what others think, and i don't to a degree. It's weird. He needs more attention and i love to give him that attention. I really love it, the warmth and feeling. I also have pisces and virgo 12th and 6th house and he has Virgo, Scorpio. I also have taurus dominant in my chart.

Least Compatible Zodiac Signs | List of Most Incompatible Star Signs

You make some good points regarding Capricorns and Leos. Often Capricorns have a lot of responsibility thrust upon them, which they never bargained for. Saturn is their ruler, and it's a karmic planet, so they must learn from those lessons thrust on them. Some are oldest children, who always get the bulk of family responsibility as years go on. They are stoic, and their life circumstances often force them to be, in order to handle all they must.

But their inhibitions can be let down, by the right people, and they chill out as they get older for some reason. Now, a Leo always is an optimistic soul, being ruled by Jupiter. Leos are always lucky in life and don't usually have as much responsibility as Capricorns. If they do, they can charm someone else into doing the work for them. Capricorns also are looking at the big picture, and Leos are more in the moment kind of people. Leos are very generous.

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Both have good traits. You would be attracted to both signs. Opposites always attract, but it can be the first love you aren't mature enough for yet, or other circumstances can pull you apart. You want the same things, but differ on how to get them. We always get along with the signs next to us, and I know many married couples who are with the zodiac sign next to them. A Leo Sun can have Mercury how you think and Venus love and social life in Cancer, so that would be why you would understand that person.

Best wishes. I am a cancer guy and secretively like capricorns grounded approach towards life and a unique wisdom to resolve toughest of the issues,with a never giving up attitude. Nevertheless,every sign has its uniqueness which itself speaks the reason of its existence.

Thanks for writing in! I have experience with this combo, my first love was a Capricorn. I think we were both just too young. At the time I felt we were too much different from each other, but with the passing time I realized the issue was that we were really too much alike! He left me a lot of times he was 3 yrs. It is a good combo though, especially since you are a bit older. I don't think it's odd you use Astrology at all.

This Astrological Rule Says Opposites Attract

I can remember everyone's signs, even if I can't recall their names! Capricorns are reserved, even with those they love a lot.

Actually they loosen up more when they get older, sort of reversed from other people. We Cancers do get our feelings hurt easily, so I know how that is. If you went from being friends to lovers, I would think he was caring a lot more than he showed you at first. Capricorns are afraid of rejection, they don't take it well.

The Benefits Of Dating Someone Who's Your Opposite

Plus you are the more outgoing of the two, and he may be jealous if you pay more attention or what he perceives as more attention to other friends. You both care about the future and are planners. You both care about family, even if you don't have kids, you will have friends, relatives and pets you consider family.

Opposites often feel the same about a topic or issue, they just approach it from a different way, but want the same outcome. I cant' promise you forever, that's a tall order. But I can promise a very meaningful relationship. If you want we can do a tarot reading, I have all the info on my blog, Spiritualitypathways. I absolutely love your hub! I am an astrology nut, I check my stats all the time, and even though it may sound silly I base almost all of my relationships business, friendships, romances, and everything in between on the basic standards of astrology.

More so because I have just recently entered a relationship with a Capricorn and I am a cancer.

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We are older, but I still worry about our future which appears to be pretty standard for a cancer. We had been great friends for years and he surprised me one day. Now, I feel madly in love with him; I love how kind he is, how compassionate, how patient, how affectionate he is, I love how he was raised, I love his dedication, but there feel like something is off.

Like, he has a wall up, or maybe he is just a little bit reserved, or maybe I am being too sensitive. From your professional astrological opinion, would you think Capricorns and Cancers have a forever future?

You amuse me, Roy. I've never heard a word for Astrology lovers, maybe we could create one? Well, that's not completely true. I have Mercury and Venus in Gemini, so do have a whimsical side! I'm happy you are reading my work. Lately I've updated my host package and am having trouble with the ads on the blog, so haven't been writing as much. But I hope to get it fixed soon!

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Thanks for writing! Is there a name for astrology lovers, followers like us? Great post, especially since I am a true Cancerian. Lots of encouraging information, Look out Capricornians I look forward to reading more of your posts. A Virgo craves so many details, but just wants to get everything right. Sometimes the details can seem trivial to the rest of us, and they can be critical. But communication is the key in any relationship, and you both seem to have it in spades. I feel good about this match, and wish you all the best! I'm a Pisces and my girlfriend is a Virgo.

We get a long very well but times don't see eye to eye. But we're very loyal ppl and love hard.